Posted on 28th December 2015 7:15pm Copying / Duplicating Swift Projects in XCode 7

Apple in their infinite wisdom haven’t given Developers an option in XCode 7 to copy / duplicate Projects within the product.

This article will break down the necessary steps in order to make a copy, some expertise in IOS will be assumed but where necessary a clear breakdown will be given.

Of course the first step is to have a Project worth copying, in this example we have one called ‘original’ …


Next step will be to close Xcode


Open Finder and find the Folder that the original Project was created in …


Note the sub-directories and their names as well as the .xcodeproj

Copy the Project folder and rename it as the new Project (at this moment leave the sub-directories alone) …




Now return to Xcode and open the new Project, note that internally everything is named as original, this will need to be changed
(as an aside, at this time the App will run) …


Five changes at this point will need to be done, during these changes the App will not be able to run so ignore any areas lit up in red
as you are going along …

Firstly change the name of the Project, this can be done in one of two ways, either overwrite the name in the top left hand corner or in the
Identity and Type area in the top right hand corner …



Once return has been pressed XCode will prompt you to confirm a series of internal changes to the Project, agree to the changes …


Once this is done change all three of the sub-directories to the new Project name …




Finally the Project identity will need to be changed to the new Project …


That essentially completes the first part of copying Projects in XCode and if you wish you could stop there, however there is one irritation
which will probably bug you as much as it bugs us, that is, the internals to the Project are now renamed but the sub-directories
will still be named as the original Project, therefore more effort is needed …

Change the sub-directory names to the new Project, dont change anything else


Re-open the Project in Xcode and an error should occur immediately, this is because the file locations have been changed …


Click on the Project and its sub-directories in turn and in the Identity dialog in the right hand top corner change the directories to the new versions …



Finally the info.plist will need to be selected, select the one held in the sub-directory with the same name as the Project …



Thats it a new Project which is a copy of the original